In Hand Opportunities in CT2V

country tough trail versatility equine competition horsemanship and training obstacle course traveling with equine Jan 31, 2024
In Hand Competitor

CT2V, Country Tough Trail Versatility, has two In Hand Divisions:  Foundations I and Foundations II.  Champion and Reserve Champion buckles will be awarded during the Country Tough Trail Versatility National Championship held in Mora, MO.

CT2V is a versatility association that combines trail riding, a ranch horsemanship pattern, and obstacles.  It is open to all breeds and extremely affordable.  The trail riding division consists of horsemanship maneuvers such as a creek crossing, going up a hill or down a hill, or backing around a tree.  The ranch horsemanship patterns are based on the AQHA ranch riding patterns but have been slowed down for the less advanced divisions and now include gaits for gaited equine to be judged equally as non-gaited equine.  The obstacle competition includes ten obstacles that are done in a specific order.  No points are awarded for time and the competitor has seven minutes to complete the course.

Typically, the obstacle course is in a pasture or an arena.  That same course is also used for an event called Buckaroo and the In Hand competitions.  Buckaroo is a lead line division for children eight years old and younger or for any age special needs including adults.  Foundations I and Foundations II also use the obstacle course.  In order to be fair, since the obstacle competition is before the buckaroo and In Hand divisions which means some equine would have the opportunity to have seen the obstacles, two divisions are needed: one for equine that have not been on the course and a division for equine that have been on the course.  Foundations I is designed for people with ponies, young equine, equine not yet under saddle, nonriders, and equine that need the training.  Foundations II is designed for equine that are competing in CT2V, but would also like to compete with the rider on the ground.

Solid groundwork is a foundation stone for good horsemanship.  If you are interested in competing or hosting CT2V, please email [email protected]

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