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country tough trail versatility equine competition Jul 09, 2024
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As a trail riding facility owner and equine event host, I have noticed trends, highs, and lows.  It appears that people want more these days when it comes to their expectations from their equine.  There was a huge spike in obstacle competitions in the past, but now there is a transition from obstacles to versatility.   Most of the time versatility involves cattle events.  CT2V, Country Tough Trail Versatility, is a versatility that does not involve cattle events.  CT2V is a combination of trail riding, a ranch horsemanship pattern and obstacles.  What this creates for the competitors is an environment that reaches past just obstacles, just patterns, and just trail.  CT2V is the versatility for the new safe trail equine with built in opportunities for charitable monetary gift giving and excitement for those thrill seekers.  Here’s the normal schedule for a CT2V weekend:


Three different 1 ½ hour long training sessions that are for small groups that focus on the ranch horsemanship patterns.  There is also an informative meeting where people sign up for their ride out times and are assigned a competition number. 


We start the day off with the trail riding competition in small groups.  We try to place gaited horses together, and slower paced equine together just to ensure an enjoyable ride for guests.  Everyone breaks for lunch.  Afterwards, the ranch horsemanship competition takes place in the arena to some up beat music!  The ranch horsemanship competition flows quickly, which give us ample time for Cowboy Roulette!!!  This is by far the most entertaining part of CT2V.  Competitors enter an event before they know what they have entered.  The winner takes half!   Hilarious!


This is a well-organized day that consists of two events:  obstacles and equine soccer.  After the final competitor has gone in obstacles, it is number crunching time for the host.  This is the perfect placement for a quick game of equine soccer.  The winning team gets to choose a charity to support.

The feedback that we are receiving is overwhelmingly positive!  Competitors appreciate the low cost, love the excitement of Cowboy Roulette, and love giving back to a charity.  At the last CT2V, a young lady joined the competition that had cerebral palsy and was legally blind.  This same lady is also starting medical school in the fall.  The CT2V competitors were so blown away by this lady’s tenacious spirit that they decided to give the money raised from equine soccer to her! 

We are actively looking for additional host for Country Tough Trail Versatility in every state!  Contact us at [email protected]

By Brandy Von Holten 

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