2020 Country Tough Trail Versatility National Championship

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Just to think that Country Tough Trail Versatility (CT2V) had 38 participants in 2018, and has 165 members in 2020 is humbling.   CT2V was founded by David and Brandy Von Holten in Mora, MO.    CT2V is a competition association that is a combination of obstacles without any points for speed, a ranch horsemanship pattern, and trail.  Each of the three event’s scores are added together for an overall versatility placement.

The Trail Boss/Open Division Champion was Brandon Hall.  He was able to edge out Joan Jungmeyer by .84 of our 300 points possible.  3rd place went to a formidable competitor form Illinois that typically competes in mounted shooting, named Dolly Pierson!  4th place belongs to Megan White that chose to ride in the Trail Boss Division even though her horse was young enough to compete in the Futurity.  She was only 4.84 points out of 300 behind the champion.  Jessica Philpot came in 5th but showed major improvements all year long.  Her horse is a decorated champion in speed events.  We look forward to seeing how the chips fall in 2021 with this group.

The Bronc Buster/Amateur Division Champion went to Mike Monahan.  Bill Hachmeister came in second and Chastity Young came in third.  This division could not have been any more evenly matched.  Each competitor placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the three events.  When the overall places were announced, it could have literally gone in any order. 

The Maverick/Intermediate Division Champion was Terri Knipper.  The Reserve Champion went to our only English rider, Rayel Lytle.  Sue Niebling competed in two of the three events, placing second in trail on her trusty Paso Fino, Mateo.

The Wrangler/Novice Division Champion was Angela Ammons.  She placed 3rd in 2019 and came back with a vengeance.  Angela actually had the highest score out of every competitor at the national championship.  Reserve Champion went to Sarah Murphy.  This division was the largest division at the competition!  The following are the names and places of the other competitors:  3rd/Kassie Miller, 4th/Cindy Ford, 5th/Trisha Townsend, 6th/Tim Murphy, 7th/Jackie York, and Nancy Sanders competed in two of the three events.  This division has some talent that just needed to get their feet wet in 2020.  If you are wanting to watch a battle until the very end, watch this division in 2021.

The Green Horn/Novice Equine Division Champion was Rebecca Edwards.  If this were horse racing, it would have been a photo finish.  Samantha Carter was .12 out of 300 points behind Rebecca!  The rest of the division was as followed:  3rd/Karen Brennan, 4th/Julie Horton, 5th/Alexis “LuLu” Hansen, and 6th/Whitney Watson.  The Green Horn’s Ranch Horsemanship scores were ridiculously close.  This division was basically decided on the trail and the obstacles. 

Talk about a close competition, then let’s talk about the Futurity.  The 2020 National Champion was Elle Jolley and the Reserve Champion was Kathy Kuykendall.  Elle and Kathy actually tied in trail and were only .25 apart in ranch horsemanship.  It came down to obstacles.  It will be exciting to see these young horses develop over the years.

The Youth Division had the closest finish between Champion and Reserve Champion:  228.45 to 228.38, there was only .07 between National Champion Alyssa Edwards and Reserve Champion Kiley Gibson.  This division is for 15 and under as of January 1st.  Every competitor in this division will also be eligible in 2021!  The top six included:  3rd/Larkin Marriott, 4th/Gracie Robin-Quigley, 5th/Caitlynn Reuter, 6th/Payton Townsend.  Every competitor in this division either placed first in a competition or won a trophy through out the year.  Can’t wait to see how next year pans out.  It will come down to even tighter margins!

Buckaroo is a division similar to lead line.  The 2020 National Buckaroo Champion was Kimber York.  She will move into the Youth Division in 2021.  They better look out for this firecracker!  The 2020 Reserve Champion was Kinsley Watson.  Her pony, Poptart, will be hard to beat in 2021.

Foundations I is an in-hand division for equine that were not rode on the course earlier in the competition.  Whitney Watson became the 2020 National Foundations I Champion with Poptart the pony.  This was followed by Megan White as the 2020 Reserve National Champion with horse, Bunny!

Foundations II is an in-hand division for competitors that also competed in saddle.  Nancy Sanders became the 2020 National Foundations II Champion.  Terri Knipper picked up a second buckle as the Reserve Champion.  Whitney Watson entered with her horse, Fancy, and placed 3rd.

If you are looking for something to do with your horse or mule, then CT2V is for you.  This is an open show, meaning all breeds are welcome.  For more information, check out Country Tough Trail Versatility on Facebook or at www.ct2v.com

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