Mounted Archery

Try something new with your equine and discover Mounted Archery!  Von Holten Ranch is home to one of the longest and deepest shot courses in the United States.

  • Private Lessons Available (Von Holten Ranch provides equipment for first lesson)
  • Complete Line of Archery Equipment Available
  • Ground shooting
  • Stationary Shooting
  • Walk/Trot
  • Cantering
  • Hungarian Courses
  • Korean Courses
  • Cross Country Courses
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2024 Dates

  • March 16-17, 2024: Mounted Archery Clinic and Practice with Brandy Von Holten (no experience needed, no equipment needed)
  • April Demo:  location to be announced once confirmed
  • May 4-5, 2024:  Mounted Archery Clinic with Lukas Novotny (must have your own equipment)
  • July 6-7, 2024:  Mounted Archery Clinic and Practice with Brandy Von Holten 
  • July 19-20, 2024:  Mounted Archery Demo at the Country Tough Homesteading Expo at Von Holten Ranch 
  • August 24-25, 2024:  Mounted Archery Competition

Contact us for detailed pricing and to reserve your spot!

If you would like to get started into mounted archery but the clinics dates do not work for your scehdule, you can get started with a private 2 hour clinic with Brandy Von Holten.  Email her at [email protected]

A full line of equipment is also available at 

Mounted Archery Equipment

also Available

Outfit your new equine hobby with the equipment you need to truly excel at this increasingly popular sport.

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  • Mounted Archery Training Manual
  • Bows
  • Quivers:  Back and Thigh
  • Bow Bags
  • Mounted Archery Gloves
  • Arrows
  • Arrow Boxes
  • Swag
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